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3 Reasons You Should Get a Dental Implant

A dentist working on a womans teeth

There are many ways in which you can benefit from dental implants. It is a popular restorative dentistry option. The great thing about implants is that they have a 98% success rate. This means that you wouldn’t have to worry about failure or fixing them if you take care of them properly.

But do you know why people opt for dental implants? The following are some of the primary reasons that you may need a dental implant.

  • Missing Tooth or Teeth: Having a missing tooth or several missing teeth can be embarrassing for some people. However, with dental implants, you don’t have to feel ashamed of this problem anymore. This procedure involves filling in space where the gap was using various materials such as composite resin fillings. This fits right between the rest of your teeth and looks natural like the rest of your smile.
  • Signs of Infection: An infected tooth could result from various things such as periodontal disease or injury. However, if the infection gets worse, it may help to get a dental implant. If the tooth's integrity is affected by the infection, getting a dental implant wouldn’t just relieve the pain but will also prevent the infection from causing further damage.
  • Deteriorating Jawbone: If you’ve had a missing tooth for a while but have failed to address the issue, your jawbone may begin to recede and deteriorate. Dental implants can be placed directly into the jawbone, which can prevent further recession. If you leave the receding jawbone untreated, it can contribute to additional tooth loss. This will make things worse in the future. Implants prevent further bone loss and help strengthen the jaw.

If you feel that you need dental implants for any reason and live in Newington, visit Coastal Periodontics for a consultation now.

Posted on Mar 8, 2021
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