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What Can Be Accomplished with Oral Surgery?

Tooth extraction

Any surgical treatment for gums, jaws, teeth, or other oral tissues is called oral surgery. This includes procedures like extractions, implants, and gum grafts. A periodontist or a dental and maxillofacial surgeon typically performs oral surgery. These are dental experts who have received specialized training in performing oral surgery.

Each year, a variety of oral surgical operations are carried out. Cleft lip and palate repair, corrective jaw surgery, dental implants, bone grafts, periodontal surgery, surgery for sleep apnea, and tooth extractions are a few more typical procedures.

Tooth Removal

Tooth extraction is the most typical oral surgery procedure (tooth removal). If a patient has serious dental decay, gum problems (periodontitis), effects of trauma, or issues with their wisdom teeth, an extraction may be advised. In order to get ready for dentures and perhaps other medical implants, it may be necessary to extract some of your teeth.

Tooth-Bone Grafting

Whenever skeletal deterioration has taken place within your jaw, you will require a dental bone graft. There are a few potential causes for this. The roots of your natural teeth activate the jaw's nerves when they are present. This tells your brain to feed your jaw healthy nutrients to maintain its strength.

Long-term tooth loss can cause bone degradation in the region due to the lack of roots to trigger the nerves. In order to later insert dental implants, your jawbone needs to be restored in volume and density with a dental bone graft through Newington oral surgery.

Implant Dentistry

Most people agree that dental implants are the most dependable and long-lasting tooth replacement alternative available. These tiny threaded posts, which are created from zirconia or titanium of the highest quality, are inserted into your jawbone to replace the roots of lost teeth. Dental crowns, dental bridges, or dentures can be used to repair implants after they have healed.

Periodontal Surgery

Gum disease treatment may be advised by a gum expert when experiencing moderate or severe periodontitis. They start by making Incisions along the outer line of your gums during this treatment. Tissue is momentarily pulled back from your teeth, and bacteria and plaque that have built up behind your gums will then be flushed away during Newington oral surgery as the surgeon cleans the roots of your teeth. The gum membrane is finally replaced and secured in place using sutures.


There are other outcomes that can be achieved through oral surgery as well. If you want to learn more or are looking for a reliable Newington oral surgery professional, get in touch with Coastal Periodontics today.

Posted on Nov 14, 2022
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