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Gum Surgery

If a thorough examination by your dentist determines that you have moderate to advanced periodontal disease you may need gum surgery. Scaling and root planing may not be enough to remove the bacteria and plaque buildup sitting below the gum line. At-home oral hygiene methods also cannot clean very deeply where moderate to advanced periodontal disease resides below the gum line. Our periodontists specialize in the treatment of periodontal (gum) disease.

Gingival flap surgery

Gingival flap surgery is procedure most often uses to treat moderate to advanced gum disease. Before the surgery you will receive a local anesthetic to numb the area. The Doctor begins creating incisions in the gums and folding them back to form a flap. Our periodontist can then access the tissue below the gums. The infected tissue below and between the teeth is removed. Scaling and root planing may follow to remove plaque and bacteria below the gum line. This will also help ensure that disease does not continue.

Once the surgery is complete your gums are replaced against the teeth using stitches. The stitches are often dissolvable. In some cases you may have to have them removed when you return for follow-up visit. Our doctor may also place a special surgical dressing called a periodontal pack, over the affected area.

Mild to moderate pain after surgery can be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers. An ice pack is recommended for swelling if it develops. An antibiotic may be prescribed in certain cases. Be sure to follow the Doctor’s instructions carefully for optimal healing results. If you experience problems after the surgery, please contact the Coastal Periodontics office as soon as possible.