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3 Things to Know about Gum Surgery

Patient with dentist having a dental treatment done

Your teeth will stay strong and healthy if you clean and floss them daily and visit the dentist frequently. After all, maintaining excellent oral hygiene is beneficial for your gums and teeth. Regular dental examinations allow your dentist to identify gum disease in its early stages and have it treated by a Portsmouth gum surgery expert before it worsens.

The Causes of Gum Surgery

The minor form of disease associated with gums is known as gingivitis which is typically treatable by a periodontal surgeon. An advanced type of gingivitis called periodontitis causes inflammation as well as tissue and bone destruction. A periodontist visit is typically required for periodontitis therapy, which may include gum surgery. Injured parts can heal back, preventing tooth loss, reducing gum spaces between teeth, and reshaping the jaws to limit bacterial growth are all benefits of periodontal surgery.

Gum Surgery Types

Your level of gum disease, the precise injury it has caused, or the kind of cosmetic outcomes you want from coastal perio surgery will decide what sort of surgery you require. Gum surgery can take several forms.

1. Surgery for Gingival Flap

After a thorough cleaning, the gums are removed from the oral cavity and sewn back around the tooth. Occasionally, the procedure calls for reshaping the bone.

2. Gum Graft

When a tooth becomes exposed owing to receding gums, tissue from the top of the mouth is removed and sewn into place on all sides of the exposed tooth. This lessens sensitivity and evens out the line of your gums.

3. Gum Regeneration

Bacteria are eliminated by folding back the tissue of the gums. To aid in the regeneration of the gum tissues around teeth, the surgeon inserts membranes, tissue-stimulating proteins, or bone transplants.

How to Prepare for Gum Surgery

A coastal perio surgery professional can carefully disinfect your teeth and inject an anesthetic to numb the area before most types of gum surgery begins. An anesthetic of the general nature might also be required in some circumstances. These details are important to know as they help you prepare yourself for what’s coming.


If you are looking for effective coastal perio surgery, get in touch with Coastal Periodontics today.

Posted on Sep 26, 2022
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