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Why Wisdom Tooth Extraction Is Important

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Wisdom teeth are the last teeth that grow inside your mouth. It is commonly seen that issues arise with these teeth as they either become stuck under the gums or come out slanted, putting pressure on the entire jawline. As a result, numerous complications can arise. Therefore, the extraction of wisdom teeth becomes essential at times.

Here are some reasons why Newington dental extractions become crucial:

More Space Is Needed Within the Jaw

Since the average human jaw has shrunk, wisdom teeth are no longer necessary. As a result, the mouth is now overcrowded with teeth, and the wisdom teeth are of little use, particularly if they do not develop properly. Patients can create additional room and subsequently shield teeth from harm by having their wisdom teeth removed. The removal of wisdom teeth may also be required during orthodontic treatment to address concerns with crooked or crowded teeth.

There Is an Impacted Wisdom Tooth

Since they have not fully emerged through the gums, impacted wisdom teeth may not initially seem to be a concern, but they can actually cause serious problems. Wisdom teeth that are partially or completely impacted may start to erupt sideways and press up against the second set of molars, harming and causing pain to the teeth. As they partially erupt without ever entirely emerging naturally, wisdom teeth that are partially impacted can also raise your risk of developing gum disease and oral infection.

They Might Make Oral Health Issues More Likely

Dentists may still advise the removal of wisdom teeth even if there are no indications of crowding and the teeth are not impacted in order to lower the likelihood of oral health issues in general. Additionally, wisdom tooth extractions are frequently done by dentists when the teeth are infected. Early wisdom tooth removal can help patients avoid significant stress and preserve long-term optimum oral health by getting rid of the teeth before uncomfortable or troublesome symptoms appear.


If you have the need for wisdom teeth extractions, get in touch with Coastal Periodontics today.

Posted on Oct 10, 2022
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