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What to Expect When Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

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Whether your doctor recommended that it is time to have your wisdom teeth removed or the pain is getting too much to endure, the idea of undergoing a tooth extraction can be intimidating - especially if you have a fear of the dentist. Having some idea about what to expect while getting your wisdom teeth removed can help ease your anxiety, as it can prepare you for what's about to come.

The Procedure

Before you have your wisdom teeth removed, your dentist will have a detailed discussion with you. You'll be discussing your medical history, any health issues you have, any medications or drugs you take regularly, or any other relevant information. If you have any questions or concerns about the surgery, you can raise them as well.

You will also be discussing the type of anesthesia you want to opt for. You'll likely get to choose from the following three types of anesthesia:

  • Local: A shot of a local anesthetic will numb your mouth during the surgery. You may even receive nitrous oxide to help you relax during the surgery.
  • IV Sedation: In addition to numbing your mouth, you'll receive an injection in your arm to make you drowsy. You may feel extremely relaxed or doze off during the procedure.
  • General: You'll either breathe a gas through a mask or receive an injection that will put you to sleep through the entire procedure. You may not wake up for at least an hour or so afterward.

The wisdom tooth extraction surgery generally lasts around 45 minutes. The dentist may have to make an incision through the gums or bone to remove the teeth. In this case, the incision site will be stitched afterward. The stitches dissolve within a few days, and the wound heals fairly quickly.

Most people experience little pain after wisdom teeth removal. In fact, if you were suffering from pain due to your wisdom teeth, you may even feel relief soon afterward. However, you will likely have mild discomfort and swelling for three or more days, and it will probably take a few weeks for your mouth to heal completely.

If you need to have your wisdom teeth removed, consider visiting Coastal Periodontics in Portsmouth, NH, for a consultation today.

Posted on Jan 24, 2022
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